Openreach ONT and BBU Service !

I thought I would document this, as I could not find any photos, videos, pictures on the internet, of a complete “legacy” system, as Openreach only supply an ONT at present, no BBU, so you don’t have a larger box, which contains, ONT and BBU, and I found it difficult to remove the BBU, you need to push up and pull ! It does budge, it’s not screwed, e.g. you do not need to remove the entire box from wall and disturb the fibre!

It’s been five years now, since the FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) was installed, and during that time it has worked flawlessly with no issues.

But 2023, we’ve had a few issues and recently in the last week we’ve had two major outages, the first outage lasted 5 hours, which was an underground fault 1000m away, and Openreach just physically moved “the shire” onto another fibre in the  ground.

and then Friday just gone, off for 15 hours, whilst I suspect another fibre cable in the ground had failed.

So this has given me a moment to change the AA batteries in the BBU (battery back unit), which has had a failed RED light on for many years, and Openreach no longer supply/install or replace the batteries in these units, it’s Self Service!

So off to Amazon, to purchase 8 x AA Energiser rechargeable batteries, the specifications state any batteries > 2000mAh

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