cloudHQ – Backup and sync data between Cloud Storage providers

Do you find yourself with half a dozen cloud storage providers?

I’ve currently got storage accounts with

  • Dropbox, Wuala, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive and Evernote

I needed to get some files onto my Microsoft Surface RT tablet yesterday, unfortunately there seems to be an issue with Dropbox with the Surface RT and syncing to the cloud, the Surface RT uses Skydrive.

But how do I get my data from Dropbox to Skydrive?

Use cloudHQ, this cloud based application will continuously sync all your files between different cloud services: in real-time

Start a FREE Trial here

It took me five minutes to complete the easy drag and drop configuration to sync files and data between Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive!

You can also Backup all your emails from Gmail to Dropbox!

Brilliant use of the Cloud, Excellent Product, I also like the ability to browse current cloud storage vendors using the cloudHQ website!

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