Barclaycard! What is this PayTag crap?

It’s Friday, the end of the week, Bank Holiday Weekend, and I’m going to have a RANT!

In the post the other day I received this item from Barclaycard, it’s called a PayTag.


It’s a contact-less payment system,

the instructions state “Just snap off your PayTag sticker and remove the protection backing. Then, just stick it onto the back of your mobile”.

Hang on, lets just rewind there…..Then, just stick it onto the back of your mobile..

WHAT, Why would I stick this crap, on the back of my nice new shiny Nexus 4!

I do wonder if Barclaycard had surveyed it’s customer asking them if they wanted to stick this crap, on their new shiny “eye-candy” expensive mobile phone!

A comment from one colleague “why would I stick that on my phone worth a couple of hundred quid!”

Not very scientific, but I surveyed 6 colleagues in my department, ALL of which have just purchased new shiny mobile phones

  • Google Nexus 4 (4)
  • iPhone 5 (1)
  • White Nokia Lumia 920 (1)
  • HTC (something) (1)

Not one of the above people, after showing them the PayTag, wanted to stick this crap on their shiny new mobile phone!

My phone shares the same pocket as my wallet, so why would I not just get my wallet out with my Barclaycard!

Barclaycard, here’s a thought, why not just Develop an iPhone or Android App!

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