WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

Our television has started to fail, the left and right side of the picture has turned into a quivering jelly. So as long as you concentrate on the centre of the picture, you’ll not get motion sickness. This television was purchased in 1989! I’ve decided not to purchase a replacement television until the end of 2012. (but I’ve just checked an they’ve brought if forward to August/September 2011 – Digital Switch Over that is!). But to try and snag one from Freecycle. This is proving difficult, but today, my request was accepted, and this is our new Television.

Freeycle TV - Rubbish!

Freeycle TV - Rubbish! - WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

So this is the TV, described as  “Large, probably 28inch remote control Toshiba TV. Good working order.” – So I’ve got two broken TV’s in the lounge now. Me thinks they just wanted a mug to take it to the tip!

So Lindsey & I have decided we not need a TV anymore, and we’ve turned off the lights, and listening to  Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Peace and Love Man!

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