Goodbye Mr 3COM!

I’ve been using 3COM networking kit for at least 20+ years, it was a real shame that 3COM in 2000, exited the high-end enterprise markets, concentrating on the SOHO market, 3COM switches were never the same again.

I’ve now decided to replace all my 3COM networking equipment with HP Procurve kit, and shortly after doing this, Hewlett-Packard announced, it will be acquiring 3Com for $2.7 billion in cash! So maybe 3COM technology will appear in HP kit in the future.

I’m dumping all my 3COM Switch 3000/3300/1100/1000 switches for HP Procurve 1810G-24 fan less, lower power switches. I’m still keeping the Intel Gigabit Fibre switches for the moment, because the servers all use gigabit fibre connections, so I’ll connect the fibre to mini-Gbics (SFP – small formfactor pluggable) in the Procurve switches.

old 3COM 3300 and new HP 1810G switch

old 3COM 3300 and new HP 1810G switch

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