Network Provider 3 remove unlimited mobile broadband for a fiver!

This maybe my last blog p0st via 3 Mobile Broadband, after having many issues with 3, with a local cell site issue, which has now been fixed. I’ve found out today, that the small loophole, where you could use a 3 Pay As You Go Phone SIM, in your 3 broadband dongle, and then Add-On for a Fiver!, Unlimited Internet access for 1 month has been discontinued, it would appear that too many people were removing SIMs from their phones and using them in a 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle! Really!

So now 3 want you to pay for your data allowance as follows:-

  • 1GB for £10
  • 3GB for £15
  • 7GB for £25

these figures are per month, and it doesn’t roll over.

Looks like I’ll be moving on from 3.

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