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Network Provider 3 Mobile Mast!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

I’ve been using 3 mobile broadband from a remote site for 10 weeks with no issue, very strong end stopping, “breaking or bending me needle good buddy!” signal. UTMS and HSDPA signals here on site.

A few weeks ago, it stopped working, still the same strong signal, but the ping times, were timing out, it looked like a routing issue to me. But after long discussions with 3’s call centre, they told me they had decommisioned a cell site, and that was the issue, I’m not too sure whether to believe them, but it sounded convincing when they told me the location of the mast! (on top of my Garage, that repairs my car!) – I’d not noticed in the dark!

This is the local mobile mast, which my mobile broadband dongle used to use!

So here’s a lovely picture taken with my mobile phone….

3 Mobile Mast

3 Mobile Mast

I’m thinking of creating an Observer’s Book of Mobile Phone Masts or I-Spy UK Mobile Phone Masts!

okay, maybe a website!

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Stop Press! 3 Mobile Broadband still works for a fiver!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Ignore the last post!

That’s what happens when you talk to a call centre!

It still works!

My 3 Balance and Free Stuff

My 3 Balance and Free Stuff

for the moment, but technicaly, it’s exploting a loophole. I think it could have been the Add-On option had vanished, maybe because I was low on “top-up”! But it’s strange that my mobile number is now associated with a Dongle and a Mobile Phone!

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Network Provider 3 remove unlimited mobile broadband for a fiver!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

This maybe my last blog p0st via 3 Mobile Broadband, after having many issues with 3, with a local cell site issue, which has now been fixed. I’ve found out today, that the small loophole, where you could use a 3 Pay As You Go Phone SIM, in your 3 broadband dongle, and then Add-On for a Fiver!, Unlimited Internet access for 1 month has been discontinued, it would appear that too many people were removing SIMs from their phones and using them in a 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle! Really!

So now 3 want you to pay for your data allowance as follows:-

  • 1GB for £10
  • 3GB for £15
  • 7GB for £25

these figures are per month, and it doesn’t roll over.

Looks like I’ll be moving on from 3.

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009
3G USB Dongle for free

3G USB Dongle for free

I came across this free offer for a FREE 3G USB MODEM from network provider “3”, and I thought I would share it with you all. I’ve just ordered mine to confirm this isn’t spam or a duff deal. The hardware is a ZTE MF627 BLACK PREPAY – NEW. This is the later “chewing gum stick version” similar to flash drive, not the older “pebble”.

The “3” 3G USB modem is available from

You need to register on the above website, enter your address and email details, pick a username and password, a few minutes later they confirm your user account and email you a discount code.
Return to and buy a 3G dongle, enter the discount code to redeem the item price to zero (from £29.99), and then you just have to pay the postage and packing, £4.95.

Credit and debit cards accepted no AMEX ;-(

So a 3G USB Modem ZTE MF627 BLACK PREPAY – NEW for a fiver!

When I get mine, I let you know how to unlock it!

This offer was correct at time of post. Get it now whilst it’s hot!

I’m not associated with this company in anyway or making any referral fees, just wanted to share a great deal!

UPDATE: How to unlock here

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