Andy’s prize Hostas – use Slug Gone by Grow Aid

I’ve had a few emails about what type of Hosta, I have in my garden. So I’ve taken a few pictures of each plant and displayed it’s name for easy identification. I have a total of five different Hosta plants, two are a blue variety which are supposed to be slug and snail resistant – this is why I bough them (it’s not true!). I did have a sixth plant Hosta ‘Wide Brim’,but before I discovered Slug Gone by Grow Aid Ltd the slugs and snails ate and killed it. This plant and Hosta ‘fortunei Francee’ both have won RHS Awards of Garden Merit, but that doesn’t exclude them from being eaten by slugs and snails – hardy doesn’t mean slug and snail resistant.

Despite the Gardeners’ World 2009 Reader Awards voting the Hosta into the 3rd place as the Nations most hated garden plant, I like them. Maybe it’s because people who purchase these plants hate them because they look awful after the slugs and snails have attacked and eaten the plant! They’ve obviously not discovered Slug Gone by Grow Aid Ltd.

I’ve now been using this organic product for three years, and have fantastic results in my garden. I previously blogged about it here and here. It was only available mail order, but I’m now see-ing it appear in more and more garden centers. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, and it will be in B&Q. If your local Garden Centre doesn’t stock it – REQUEST IT – stop using chemical slug pellets in your garden today!(rant mode off!) Otherwise order on-line at Slug Gone by Grow Aid Ltd, and tell Brian I sent you!!!

If you don’t believe me look at my prize hostas, “proof is in the pudding” and I’ve tried everything. If I don’t use Slug Gone, the slugs and snails in my garden eat it!

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I’m not associated with Slug Gone or Grow Aid Ltd in anyway, I’d just like to recommend, an excellent organic product to fellow organic gardeners and Hosta growers. Your mileage may vary, it works for me in my garden.

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