Locked in the fish house!

I’ve made some modifications to the insulation at the front of the fish house. I’ve blocked up a 6″x6″ hole that was cut, so I could open and close the front-door latch from within the fish house, the problem with this hole, it was letting in too much cold air. So I blocked it up!

On Saturday, the weather was warm, dry and decided to move the final three 48x18x18 fish tanks into the fish house, but whilst I was working in the fish house, my partner on leaving I asked her to “close” the door, I didn’t notice, that she had closed and locked the door behind here, leaving me locked in!

When I tried to leave, I couldn’t get out!

I banged for an hour on the walls and ceiling to no avail! When I heard the front-door open I shouted and banged!

She thought I was just banging as usual in the fish house, and didn’t know I was locked-in.

So after this lock-in event, it was too late to move fish tanks!

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