Tahitian Moon Sand!

If anyone mentions Tahitian Moon Sand!, I’m going to swear at them!

All of the fish tanks in the fish house do not have any substrate. It makes for easier maintenance and cleaning, no gravel or sand for the bacteria to live in, that needs regular use of a gravel cleaner. I do believe fish do colour-up better on a substrate bottom, and we could debate amongst fishkeepers, about breeding as well. The only tank that has gravel as a substrate, is the tank the Green Terror is in, and that’s because he’s emptied the gravel from within the pond plant baskets, to create his only substrate bottom, so I think he prefers to have gravel on the base of the aquarium.

I was given 25l of Tahitian Moon Sand! from a fellow fishkeeper, and I thought it would be a good idea to include it in two of my new breeding tanks! Maybe it was because I didn’t wash it, but the tanks were a right mess, so I decide to empty the two tanks this evening, empty the Tahitian Moon Sand! clean the tanks, and refill with just water!

TIP Always was your substrate very well before adding to the tank. Otherwise you’l’ have a disaster.

I’ll keep the Tahitian Moon Sand! until I create my Dennerle display tank! Coming soon….!

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