Outstanding projects

I finally completed the centralised ring system for the supply of air to the individual tanks via Algarde right-angled elbows, air clamps and standard 4mm silicone air piping. I’ve used 22mm Speedfit piping for the main ring system. This was left over from the old fish house. This project has been well over-due, and should have been completed before I moved the tanks into the new fish house, it’s also given me the opputunity to add another 55lph Hailea ACO-308, so the total air on the centralised ring system is approximately 95lph, handy for those 2 foot deep tanks.

I’ve also laid some carpet on the fish house floor, to insulate the fish house a bit more, it’s also more comfortable when lying on the floor to take photographs! I’ve had this carpets months, it was obtained from the York Freecycle Group. Finally installed.

The N.Adoketa are colouring up well, I may have two males, and one female, the two smaller fish, are to small to sex.

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