Power Outage is confirmed for 7th Nov 2006

Despite several telephone calls to YEDL Customer Service, and I must admit the Customer Service Operator has been very good, but unfortunately would not let me speak direct to the engineer responsible for the work. It’s basically tough, the engineer Phil Johnson, YEDL stated “we given you the statutory notice of 7 days, it’s up to you, to sort out your own arrangements.” Phil Johnson better not come round here for a cup of tea next week!

In April 2001, YEDL were kind enough to supply a CAT Generator to keep the supply on the farm running through an outage, and a man in a Landrover, to check it didn’t stop!

CAT Generator 1
CAT Diesel Generator – now that’s what I call a generator!

CAT Generator 2
Green Landrover and CAT Diesel Generator.

CAT Generator 3
Temporary hookup.

CAT Generator 4
Ladder to stop cables falling in the drainage ditch.

CAT Generator 5
View from across the pond.

I’ve purchased my 20 litre petrol “jerry can” and petrol, earth stake/rod and cable, so that’s tomorrows job!

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