Consumer Unit Cupboard

The consumer unit cupboard in the kitchen hides the following items:-

  1. Incoming electric armoured cable.
  2. 100 Amp fuse. (protects the local substation or transformer from my household electrics!)
  3. Siemens Digital Electricity Meter.
  4. Horstmann Radio Teleswitch – this switches on “day” and “night” rates on Economy 7.
  5. Henley bakelite junction box.
  6. Henley bakelite Earth Leakage Current Breaker. (This actually works, but probably should be in a museum, it also has a patent number on it).
  7. Wylex six fuse consumer unit (fuse box). I’ve replaced all the wired fuses, with Wylex circuit breakers, handy when I’m completing DIY electrics in the house! No longer need to re-wire fuses with fuse wire.
  8. Mem four 15 Amp cartridge fuse consumer unit. (fuse box). This supplies four storage heaters on Economy 7.
  9. Mem single 15 Amp cartridge fuse consumer unit. (fuse box). This supplies one storage heater on Economy 7 – I don’t know which one yet!
  10. A few connectors, earth straps etc

You are probably asking yourself, why I’m detailing such a boring item, a sparky-friend has offered in the future to replace my consumer unit and wanted to know the details of what’s currently in the cupboard, there’s alot in the cupboard. I’m looking to replace all the consumer units and earth leakage current breaker with a modern Dual/Split bus, RCD/MCB MK unit, space permitting, because I cannot move any of the other items without gettting the supplier to move them! I’m also thinking of having a Generator Transfer panel installed, so I can connect my 3.5kW Petrol generator to the house supply, when the power dies, throw the switch, connect my 3.5kW Petrol generator and I’ve got power for the entire house. Just need to work out the Grounds!

Here are the pictures

Fusebox One

Fusebox Two

Fusebox Three
Original larger image

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