Wallpaper stripped and false beams removed

A series of pictures after my partner has spent many hours wallpaper stripping the woodchip wallpaper from lounge/diner and ceiling areas in the house. You’ll notice the false beams have also been removed and chopped up for firewood and moved to the dry wood store.

We now need to find a good plasterer to skim the lounge ceiling and a decorater to re-wallpaper the walls before painting.

The false beams were the wrong period for the house, which is Victorian.

Wallpaper removed 1
A mountain of stripped wallpaper.

Wallpaper removed 2
Those wall lights need to go to the tip as well. Who painted the ceiling with gloss paint, now I’ve got to sand it!

Wallpaper removed 3
No beams

Wallpaper removed 4
No beams

Wallpaper removed 5
Beam me up Scotty!

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