Fluorescent tube replacement

Why do the fluorescent tube plastic clips break every time a change a fluorescent tube, these must be designed for one use only.

I had forgotten that this tube was a 40 watt Triton 1.5 inch, so I’ve replaced it with a 40 watt Aquaglow 1 inch from my dwindling stock of fluorescent tubes. Many years ago, a friend thought it was a good idea to purchase a batch of aquatic fluorescent tubes from a pet shop closing down sale, they would come in handy, I’ve been moving these tubes around with me for the last 10 years, and I’ve now only got one left. So Andrew, I’ve finally used them all!

6 foot tank 2
Replacement tube on top of 6ftx2ftx2ft tank.

6 foot tank 1
Close up of the occupants.

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