Second batch of Sturisoma Aureum Fry start to hatch

The second batch of Sturisoma Aureum fry start to hatch this evening. I’ve added some magical Polyfilter to the aquarium this evening, I always use Polyfilter in many tanks, just as a safeguard to remove organics from the water, this is no substitute for regular partial changes, but just a two pronged attack against rise in ammonia and nitrite, when growing on young fish. When the young Sturisoma Aureum from the first hatching are a month old, they will be removed to a grow-out tank (which has yet to be sited!).

I’m currently trialing the use of a 3kW fan heater in the fish house set at 1kW, on an electric thermotstat set to 20 degreesC to take the evening chill off the fish house.

I’ve also been using vast quantities of silicon sealer and odd bits of polysterene to stop the condensation drips! In my lunch break tomorrow, I’ll be making another trip to Barnitts to purchase some aquarium silicone sealer at bargain basement prices. Barnitts is an Hardware/Ironmonger/DIY store located in York. If they don’t stock it in Barnitts give up!

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