Another violent male angelfish

This tale is a rather gruesome, so stop reading now you’ve been warned, and is the worst violence committed by a Male Angelfish I have ever witnessed.

I noticed yesterday evening that the Male Platinum Angelfish was behaving very aggressively towards his Female partner, so I decided to separate them with a fish divider. I fed all the fish as normal this evening at 6.00pm, and carried out some partial water changes on breeding and grow-out tanks.

Before I left the fish house at 8.45pm this evening I noticed the Male Platinum Angelfish had jumped the divider and had been attacking the Female, the result of which has left the Female with damaged eyes, it is possible the female will lose at least one eye. I immediately removed the Male Platinum Angelfish.

To my knowledge, this pair has only spawned three times, one successfully, two failures. I do not know why the Male Platinum Angelfish, has started to behave this way.

I have now treated the tank with 7ml of MelaFix, which I will repeat daily for a week, in the hope I can save the Female Platinum Angelfish, as for re-introduction with the Male Platinum Angelfish, I’m uncertain.

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