Water Deflector for LifeGard FB300 installed

spare parts for my Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Bed Filter arrived today from the
ordered two replacement water deflectors a few weeks ago because I’ve recently
misplaced the originals in the fish house. The thread of the water deflector is
wrapped with 5 turns of PTFE "plumbers" tape, to stop any leaks. I thought this
was going to be a quick easy job, but trying to unscrew the existing pipe elbow
was difficult because it is made of plastic and the adjustable spanner kept
slipping, I eventually had to remove it from the tank temporarily to unscrew the
existing pipe elbow. TIP  Use the correct fitting spanner and not an
The new water deflector is now installed, and the water flow adjusted correctly,
there is no back pressure on the existing power head, and the media fluidizes
very easily, I may have to check after 24 hours, otherwise I may have a tank
full of sand! In the corner of the picture is the inlet pipe to the Eheim 2260
external bucket filter and the top of an Algarde Bio-Foam 200 Sponge filter is
just visible above the surface of the water. This fix tank is probably "over
filtered" if that’s possible, but it helps to keep mature filters on standby as
anything can happen and it usually does.
The Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter biological maturation takes considerably
longer. In most cases, the maturation period should take no longer than 40 days
during this period the nitrifying bacteria will attach themselves to the media
within the filter. I’ve got another filter to setup in the same way, when this
filter has matured.

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