Patial Water Change Sunday

I’ve been completing a 25% partial water change on Aquarium 8, this evening, this was Franks’ Home for the last year, and now it’s void of Angelfish, this will give me the chance to move another breeding pair into this tank. I’ve got a Silver/Platinum pair to move into this tank. This tank is approx 90l, size – 30″x15″x12″, and filtered by an Hagen Biolife 55 internal filter, and also an air operated Algarde Bio-Foam 200 sponge filter, I keep sponge filters operating in most larger tanks, as backups, they are also useful to use in new tank setup’s to speed up fish tank cycling. This tank is heated by a 500 watt heater connected to my bespoke multi-channel controller in the fish house. The heater is a little overkill, but the last heater failed, and this was the nearest heater to hand at the time.

Not done anything with all the plants, that have been up-rooted in the display tank.

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