Aquatic Plants arrived from Java-Plants

I collected my parcel containing my aquatic plant order from Java-Plants early this morning from the local Post Office Sorting Office. I’ve purchased 25 Amazon Swords and 25 Vallis, the Vallis was out of stock, so will ship later, the 25 Amazon Swords are in excellent condition, with healty leaves and root stock, extremely well packed in a large cardboard box with “LIVE PLANTS PLEASE RUSH!” stamped on the box; with plenty of packing material. Five ***** to Java-Plants Highly Recommended. The plant order was placed on Thursday, and delivery arrived on Tuesday, the box wouldn’t fit through the letter box so I was “carded” by the local sorting office to collect the parcel.

Excellent value for money, at just 30p per plant and that includes postage and packing. Try and get a deal like that at the local lfs. If they’ve got them in stock.

I carefully opened the box, the plants arrived heat sealed in a plastic bag, and placed them carefully into a vat of water at the correct temperature 28 degrees C as the display aquarium, if I’ve got enough time after work, remember I’m on the late shift, I’ll plant out later.

Most of these plants are to be planted in my 48″x18″x12″ aquarium in the “sun room”, it looks a little bare at present. The remainder will be planted into pots, for use in the fish house for those Angelfish, that refuse to spawn on breeding cones.

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