A Night Off – Never!

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I arrived home from work this evening, hoping to have the night off and then
I noticed the external filter had stopped working on my 48"x18"x12" display tank
in the "sun room", water quality did not look good, so immediately changed 72l
of water using my new Interpet Gravel cleaner. The fish tank is filtered by an
Eheim Classic 2015 External canister filter, filter media had been cleaned a few
weeks ago, the impellor had jammed, and required a few "cold boots" to get
started again. I think its time for me to purchase replacement impellors for all
my Eheim External canister filters, that’s a total of six – expensive -. I’ve
been considering purchasing a
Python No Spill system,
on-going costs prohibit me from using this, as it uses approx 7l of water
per aquarium water change, as it uses mains water to create the vacuum, and I
would never top of aquariums from mains water supply, because of temperature
difference and chlorine and chloramines present in tape water.

Good News, I’ve finally placed orders for my Water Deflectors for the
Lifegard Fluidized Bed filter from
exchanging emails and telephone calls with
Pentair Aquatics US
Belgium and the UK Distributors ALF, Bedforshire, they pointed me at

hopefully they’ll arrive quickly.

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