Aquarium plants by post.

To spruce up my 48″x18″x12″ display tank, which contains two large old male marble angels, six bueno aires tetras and a 17 year old Syndontis Ocellifer and Pterygolichthys Gibbiceps, or The ‘Sailfin Plec’ can sometimes be confused with the suckermouth catfish, Hypostomus plecostomus, but one look at the broad dorsal base which contains between 12 and 13 rays, and the difference is immeasurable, also the first ray is equal to the length of the head. The small anal fin has 4 to 5 rays and its head is conspicuous by the large nasal flares. The “syno” and “pleco” are often seen scraping in the tank, the Sailfin Pleco was recused about 12 months ago from a local tropical fish shop in York, it was in bad condition when I purchased it, fungus, very thin, torn fins, it has almost full recovered. It’s quite small for it’s size at approx 6″-7″.

I’ve purchased some aquatic plants mail order from Java-Plants. I’ve not purchased plants by post for many years, but the selection in the area is not very good. We have some Tropica stockists but these plants are very expensive, too expensive for tetras to eat.

I’ve ordered 25 Amazon Swords and 50 Vallis. I’ll drop my comments back here, after they arrive. I’ve also got a Dennerle CO2 Professional System for plant fertilisation, but not connected it up yet. Another project for another rainy day!

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