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Out of the frying pan….

I don’t know what’s been happening today in the , maybe it’s the weather. I found a another zebra danio, on the floor after it had decided to jump out of the tank.

And one of the Purple Spotted Gudegon had decided it didn’t like it’s quarantine tank, must have jumped out and decided to jump in with a Pair of Marble Angels, which promptly attacked and killed it!

I’m confused, as to how these escape, when I’ve tight fitting condensation trays on all the tanks!

I spoke to Pentair Aquatics, the manufacturers of the Lifegard range today, excellent customer service, gave me the required part numbers, and arranged for the UK Distributor to call me, and suggested retailers, where I can purchase my replacement water deflector, I didn’t know that Pentair is a very large commercial company that also specializes in water treatment products for domestic consumption and have deployed massive mobile treatment into New Orleans to pump/treat the water, after the Katrina Hurricane Disaster.

It is alleged, that the prime reason for the Import Ban on Hikari products into the EU, is because Hikari have to prove the source of the ingredients, the EU is concerned that products do not contain contaminated blood or meat products from infected animals. Until the Japanese company can provide adequate documentation, the products will not be allowed to enter the EU.

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