Zebra Danios and Missing Socks

I’ve noticed tonight after a fish head count, that I’m missing one Zebra Danio from a few tanks, a total of three are missing from three tanks, it’s similiar to missing socks?

Purple Spotted Gobies are eating well, I fed them on frozen bloodworm tonight along with all the other fish, not long, and I think I’ll be able to hand feed these fish, they have a large appetite for a small fish.

Tetra Algae wafers have gone down well with my Lxxx unknown pleco, it has an orange body and white/blue eyes.

One of my Eheim External canister 2313 filters flow rate has dropped on my display tank and the impeller is making strange noises, must strip it down tomorrow, this doesn’t have double-taps, so it’ll be messy.

I was supposed to collect some frozen bloodworm this evening from my local supplier, but arrived home late after working the late shift in the office. So I’ll have to collect next week.

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