Enable 2 Factor Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication TODAY!

This may alarm you, sorry if it does, this is the truth today, as cybercrime is a big threat…

Some free advice to you all, recently a town councillors email was hacked and hijacked for a week! (more on that later!).

But your password is not safe, if you are using passwords on your internet accounts (email, paypal, forums etc) today which are less than 16 characters and do not use a mixture of numbers, special characters, e.g. !”£$%^&*()_+{}:@~<>?abcdefghijklmnopqystuvwxyzABCDEFGHIHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 it’s at risk now of being cracked!

You may currently complain, when using a finance type internet account, e.g. banking online, to login you’ve got to answer various questions to challenge you to get access – this is what we call Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication!

Yes, it’s a pain in the arse, but it protects you from cyber crime, and somebody logging into your account.

A password and an email address, or username is not secure, if you are using insecure passwords – update them at least or change over to 2FA or MFA. (you’ll need a Smartphone or tablet).

I now have access to a research supercomputer (it’s called a Nvidia DGX-1) which has 40,960 GPU cores, or 960 Tflops !!!



This is the server, it is rather noisy and loud!

and it’s designed for Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence processing Big Data and is used for research, and also image recognition, e.g. facial recognition. It’s taught and then can tell the difference between a cat and a dog!

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