The greenhouse is like a chilli farm!

I’ve been catching up on planting out, tomatoes, chilli peppers (sweet and hot) in the greenhouse, this year has been so warm I’m weeks ahead (flowers already on my tomatoes!), the problem is, we can get frosts up until the second week of June, in these parts!


But the plants are growing so fast, that they really need to be moved on into their final pots. The greenhouse is like a chilli farm, so many chillis germinated this year.


So I now watching the weather for any frosty nights, the greenhouse is heated with a 2kW propane heater, and it’s also insulated with bubble wrap –  but this is just there to keep the temperature above 3 degrees C – to avoid jack frost!


I’ve got a remote thermometer in the greenhouse beaming back live temperatures to the house!

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