I’m now a VMware Savant at @ExpertsExchange

It finally happened on the 1st May 2013. In the Gaming-World, I’ve leveled-up!


My Experts Exchange Savant Certificate


Before 1st May 2013: - VMware Prodigy


After 1st May 2013: Note change! VMware Savant

I’ve now joined a very exclusive club, it was going to happen sooner or later, I’m now a VMware Savant at Experts-Exchange.com. As of this post, there are only 11 out of 119,793, and I’m now number 12! Here are the other Experts and their Zones.

angelIII – MS SQL Server

capricorn1 – Microsoft Access Database

Sembee – Exchange Email Server

mlmcc – Crystal Reports Software

objects – Java Programming Language

Ray_Paseur – PHP Scripting Language

rorya – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software

CEHJ – Java Programming Language

zorvek – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software

CodeCruiser – Microsoft Visual Basic.Net

DatabaseMX– Microsoft Access Database

and finally me!

hanccocka – VMware (yes the 1st VMware Savant!)

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