Tom Heap from Countryfile, in Pocklington Costa Coffee – Pig Welfare!

I was in Pocklington late this afternoon, before an appointment with the quack, in the latest change to the Pocklington High Street, Pocklington moves into the 21st Centry, with it’s very own Costa Coffee! It’s been open approximately two weeks.

and Lindsey spotted Tom Heap from Countryfile, finishing a Coffee, with a soundman, and production assistant. They had BBC Countryfile paperwork, on leaving I asked the production assistant, what Countryfile article they were filming, and she said “Pig Welfare!”, I replied “you’ll be lucky to find any pigs around here with the decline in Pig Farming” in East Riding of Yorkshire, due to low pig meat prices, I think we may only have 1 or 2 local Pig farmers in the area now, and hard working farmers they are as well!

On the way back to my car, the film crew had a tripod in front of my vechile, whilst Tom, did a walk towards camera….





so, tune into Countryfile this weekend!

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