It’s Official – 9th Annual Expert Awards – @ExpertsExchange – Andy is the Expert of the Year, again for the Second Year!


It’s official, I received 7 emails last night, I’ve won six awards this year at Experts the 9th Annual Expert Awards, this is my second year as  Expert of the Year.


I started the year with 4,688,803 points, and ranked 84th.

This year I totaled overall 5,369,940 this year and I’m currently Ranked 29th! I’ve been ahead for most of the year, with a clear, 2,500,000 points over 2nd place! 250,000 points ahead in the Articles (Authors), and No.1 in VMware and Virtualisation Zones. (by 5,500,000 and 2,000,000 points ahead of the No.2!)


All this answering questions on VMware and Virtualisation ONLY!

A Happy VMware & Virtualisation year to you!

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