New Desktop Computer Part IV:- Complete – 7 TFLOPS

it’s been a long and difficult birth for this PC, lots of testing and unknowns, to get this created, but here it is:-

So what does this computer do, well at idle it consumes approx 200 watts (measured) of electricity, at full load, it uses approx 850 watts (measured) of electricity  to drive an Intel Core i7 990X Extreme Edition processor, and two nVidia SLI GTX 590 3GB DDR5 RAM, that’s a total of 4 GPUs, and the machine’s number crunching performance is approx 7 TFLOPS. (GPU+CPU combined)  The GTX 590 were one of the worlds fastest graphics cards, recently surpassed by the nVidia GTX 690.

Yes, this rig runs very hot, and may need to be water cooled at a later date, or change of case and fans, or radiator based cooling for the CPU, still under testing and development……work in progress!

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