New Desktop Computer Part II:- RAM, Motherboard and CPU manual states 24GB, but lets use 48GB!

Okay, you’ve already met my new processor earlier in Part 1: New Project, so new Desktop Computer! So meet my new Processor! ( In Andysworld, things always go wrong, and never plan as you would anticpate, the EVGA X58 SLI (132-BL-E758-A1) motherboard I’m using despite the CPU compatibility guide confirming the Intel Core i7 Intel 990x Extreme Edition processor would work in the motherboard, after many Forum Posts, and Technical Support requests logged with EVGA support, it was eventually confirmed, by the EVGA Forums, the Revision 1.0 motherboard would not support the processor, also eventually confirmed by EVGA Technical support, so the motherboard was Advanced RMA-ed to EVGA in Germany.

This may not be the latest and greatest motherboard, but it does have some features I need to exploit, Dual and Tri SLI (verified), and a memory trick! (read on!)

I’ve got a new motherboard, and working processor, so I’ve been experimenting with graphics cards (GPUs), in single and dual (SLI) configurations, and also experimenting with DDR3 RAM configurations. When the motherboard was manufacurered and released 8GB single DDR3 DIMMs did not exist. I could have opted for a 24GB DDR3 kit, as the motherboard and processor were intended, but I wanted to MAX out the motherboard, for my Project, (oh yes – one rule about Andy’s Project, we don’t talk about Andy’s Project!). So now that memory is the cheapest it’s been in years, we remember ordering memory, circa 1998, and 4GB cost approx 25,000 GBP! An 8GB DDR3 DIMM can be purchased today for approx 20 GBP.

The following confirms 48GB of DDR3 memory working in an EVGA X58 SLI (132-BL-E758-A1) Motherboard. Please note, it’s taken me many weeks of research to obtain the correct motherboard and memory combination to get this working, this is unsupported by EVGA and Intel, as both vendors state the maximum memory supported by motherboard and processors is 24GB. Usual disclaimers apply, please try at your own risk.

and you are probably thinking what on earth is Andy going to do with 48GB in a Desktop PC!

Come Back and I’ll show you….in New Desktop Computer Part III: What is Andy going to do with 48GB of RAM in his Desktop PC?

in this next collection of photos, I’ve captured some GPUs I’ve been testing in single and dual GPUs (SLI), the single GPU – ATI Radeon 4870X2 is two GPUs in Crossfire on a single card, quite old by todays standards, but still packs a punch! Note the seperate PSU just for the card!

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