8th Annual Experts Awards – Expert of the Year 2011 – Andy’s Platinum Plated Trophies – @ExpertExchange

The Annual Expert Awards are announced at the beginning of each year to celebrate the best Experts throughout the years from a competitive field of Experts worldwide at Experts Exchange.


The award winner in each category receives the following:

  • Top Expert Shirt
  • Platinum Plated Trophy
  • Expert Awards Badge

I believe the Trophy is a cast of the original hard drive which recorded the first Question/Answer at Experts Exchange. Each Trophy weighs approx 2kg.

I was the Award winner in the following

  • Expert of the Year – The expert who earned the most points throughout the year.
  • Juggernaut – The expert that answered the most questions throughout the year.
  • The Ally – The expert who earned the most assist points throughout the year.

and this is what you receive from Experts Exchange if you are lucky enough on Being The Best of the Best!



oh, and a wardrobe full of Expert Exchange T-Shirts!

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