Andy’s XBOX 360 Fix!

A few months ago, my father had complained that his Xbox 360 was over heating, caused by possible fans failure. He had confirmed that his Xbox 360 was still functioning correctly by using additional cooling using a small desktop cooling fan, when he had removed all the Xbox 360 covers, and directed the fan across the CPU and GPU heatsinks, the Xbox 360 ran perfectly.

He purchased a new fan assembly from eBay, connected it to the 3 pin connector on the motherboard, but the two fans still did not function.

This is how Andy fixed it, if you remove the circuit board from the Xbox 360, there are plenty of articles on the internet that show how to do this. On the underside of the circuit board, near the 3 pin connector is a transistor marked MJD210, this is a D-PAK surface mount device. The datasheet can be found here. I believe this is on the “Falcon” Xbox 360 circuit boards.

You can either replace this transitor which drives the fans, you can purchase here from Farnell.

or use Andy’s Hack and Bodge fix! which is just bridging the pins of the transistor!

Lindsey said “you fixed that quickly” – I had to remind her that once upon a time, I studied Electronic Communication Engineering…..(although do not practice it anymore, but still retain the k-nowledge! and that’s a flash back to being in form ‘N’ at school for nowledge!)

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