Microsoft Windows stores Serial Numbers of USB Flash Drives used in the OS!

I’ve recently been forensically examining a Microsoft Windows computer. [secret squirrel stuff – If I tell you …….]

The computing community grilled Apple recently about storing iPAD/iPhone GPS locations on the hardware, which was fixed by a security patch,

But I had no idea, that Microsoft Windows stores ALL the Serial Numbers of ALL the USB Flash Drives or USB External hard disks ever used, with first used date, and last used date on the computer in the Computers’ Registry, they are not encrypted.

So, with this information, it’s very easy to prove, a USB flash drives or USB External disk was used on your computer, for ill gotten gains etc

So if you work for a crime syndicate, destroy that USB flash drive or USB external disk!

Table of USB Devices extracted from Windows Registry

Table of USB Devices extracted from Windows Registry

I was surprised that the serial numbers do match, I checked my LaCie iamaKey, I did not realize, that USB flash drives have serial numbers!

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