My Heritage Peony

I’ve always liked Peonies, I think they are wonderful plants, fantastic green foliage with super red blousy flowers, but maybe my fascination with them stems (sorry about the pun there!) back to the Peonies that were planted in my Grandparents [Poppy and Grandma] house in Bristol, in the 70s. [Lindsey hates peonies!].

Well, I’m very lucky to have part of that very same plant that was in my Grandparents back garden in Bristol, 30 years ago.

When my Grandparents left Bristol, the Peony plant was dug up, and moved with them, eventually to Wales. My Grandma passed away a few years ago, and the tuber was split into three, my Parents, Grandfather (other-side of family!) and me, got thirds of the tuber.

It’s taken 2 -3 years to flower, but here it is

So it’s nice to have a reminder of my Grand parents [Poppy and Grandma] in my Garden, and a link to Bristol!

So Heritage Peony, Andy’s Peony, or maybe ‘My Grand Parents Peony‘ is more fitting.

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