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Andy at Nagoya Castle, Japan

As you may or may not know, we had to leave from the Central International Airport, and not Narita International Airport, Tokyo because of the earthquake, or because Lufthansa, had decided not to fly from Narita International Airport, Tokyo. So on the penultimate day, we left Tokyo on the bullet train again to for one last day and night.

Whilst in Nagoya, we visited Nagoya Castle, and had a very long walk around the Castle Moat, trying to find the entrance, after exiting the tube station! As a taster to the Japan photograhs to come shortly, here’s a photograph that made Lindsey laugh!

Andy at Nagoya Castle, Japan

Andy at , Japan

(I’ve not really be cloned three times! One is bad enough! I asked Lindsey to take three different exposures, and then I’ve overlaid them for the effect!)

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