A few Wintery Pictures from North Yorkshire

We didn’t have much snow last night, so it remains the same at about 2-3 feet in places. But it’s still very cold, and I believe colder tonight.


Yes, these are our Holly Tree’s!


and this is on our Pear Tree!

Lindsey and I went for a walk today, to check how bad the roads were, but it was cut short, when a blizzard arrived and it was bitter cold. Later in the afternoon, I thought it was about time to check the cars over, and remove the 2 feet worth of snow which has covered them for over a week and start them up, but it wasn’t such a good idea, there was not enough space on the driveway for all the snow I’d brushed off the cars, and when trying to move my car out into the road, I got stuck in the snow, moving it back onto the drive and had to dig the snow off the driver to get my car back on, as the car was sliding and wheels were spinning!

anyway here are some nice Wintery Pictures from North Yorkshire … Keep warm..

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