My Dad broke my porch!

It all started when my Father visited us in March this year. I forgot to mention to him, not to touch the porch, he’d only been standing outside the house for less than 30 seconds, and said “this isn’t looking very good”, and continued to pull off a lump of wood off the porch”

This is the damage he caused

My Dad broke my Porch

My Dad broke my Porch

So in August over the Summer, we called in the joiner to remove the rotten wood, and rebuild the porch. It’s almost but finished, but needs the door gloss-ing with white paint.

Here are the photographs from start to finish of the repair. Use the new slideshow option, it might be quicker!

My Father did contribute a generous £10 towards the repairs!

I’ll upload a final picture of the exterior all painted, apart from the door!

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