Driving a Rocket Ship…

I finally took my car today to the garage today, the vibrations had got the better of me, and I could no longer see out of the rear view mirror, because it was vibrating so much, I’ve had the radio turned-up and could still here the vibrations, and I must have tuned out the noise! Lindsey would complain it gave her a headache, and when ‘Boot Ferrule Man’ visited me at the beginning of the month, he suspected it was the drive shaft or wheel bearing, also confirmed by ‘Bargain Cottage Man‘.

There was some Police, Stop, Action program the other evening, and after the car crashes pictured on the television, and with the darker nights and wet, damp days, I thought it wise to visit the garage and get some items fixed on the car. Back in December last year, I reported my ABS had gone offline, and I should have taken it back to the garage, but never did…..well MOT is due next week, so this stuff had to be fixed.

I dropped my car at the garage this morning, and the Mechanic, dropped me off at my clients site to take back to the garage, he confirmed it was the passenger side front wheel bearing, and was rather worried driving the car, a few miles, in fear the wheel would drop off. He said it was very bad.

Later, after parting with a monkey, the mechanic told me, you must be  a mad ****** driving that car, I wouldn’t have driven it four miles, and certainly not at speed.

Driving my car is now like driving a ****ing rocket ship!!!

Fantasticso there’s a moral here somewhere…..

(oh, and I also had new drive shaft, ABS, springs, and brake calipers), next week it’s MOT and Service! (cannot wait for that!).

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