3..2..1.. and Success (don’t try this at home kids)

After another few failed attempts, and some diagnosis, it was the sealed lead acid battery that wasn’t providing enough power (Amps) to fire the rocket cluster. I tried charging the battery with a car battery charger and that went horribly wrong and smelly, and the plastic case melted on the battery, because my special charger for the seal lead acid battery had also failed.

So I purchased a new sealed lead acid battery and here are the results

Quick disclaimer (don’t try this at home kids), you could get seriously hurt!

This test was to check the rocket mounts were secure to hold in the two rocket motors, before further completing the rocket assembly. You can clearly here the warning tone before firing the rocket motors, both rocket motors ignite simultaneously, the rockets both burn at a constant rate, until the ejection charge which would normally deploy the recovery mechanism, e.g. a parachute is heard.

Looking back at the video, I think there is a slight delay between the rocket motors!

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