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fourwillieschocoslatesNow your probably thinking that I purchased this lot of chocolate, well I didn’t, as I’ve been on the wagon for at least three weeks now, and I’ve been eating fruit, I decided I’ve definately been eating too much chocolate, crisps and drinking far too much Red Bull and Diet Coke of late.

I received a few emails from a friend yesterday,

“One for now” was the subject of one, followed by another “One for now”, followed by another “One for later”, I thought he’d gone round the bend, followed by another email “for eating” … I was going to call him later that evening.

I hadn’t got a clue what he was referring to, until I got home and saw a parcel here it is:-


I then knew it was Willies Delectable Cacao! Damn you Paul! I don’t think I mentioned I was on the wagon! He’d sent them as a favour for repairing his notebook, and they are only available from Waitrose.

I blogged last year about Willies Delectable Cacao, well it looks like Willie has done it again and produced another three different flavours to add to the original, and one in Limited Edition.

  • Venezuelan 72, Hacienda Las Trincheras, 72% Cacao with Smooth Nutty Notes – Limited Edition
  • Peruvian 70, San Martin, 70% Cacao with subtle Tropical Fruit Notes
  • Indonesian 69, Javan Light Breaking, 69% Cacao with Caramel Notes
  • Original Venezuelan 72, Rio Caribe Superior, 72% Cacao with Fruity Notes

So if you like good chocolate why not try Willies Word-Class Cacao.

Visit Willies Word-Class Cacao whilst I eat mine!

Actually there is a fifth called :-

  • Madagascan 71, Sambirano Superior, 71% Cacao Juicy Notes of Summer Fruits

Paul, I’m I pushing my luck to ask you to send this one as well, when in stock!

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