The Saga of The Holly Tree (continued)

As blogged here back in October 2009, where the local Parish Council had raised a complaint against our Holly Tree overhanging the pavement, I read this in the minutes published on the village noticeboard, the Parish Clerk was supposed to write to us (as stated in the “clerk to write”). We never received any written confirmation, and despite emailing The Chairman, Parish Clerk, and another Parish Councillor, I never received a response to my email either, following on from my email, which reads:-

Dear Cllr Parish Chairman

I notice in the recent Parish Council meeting minutes, an issue has been raised with our Holly Tree overhanging the public footpath in the village near the notice board.

I shall consult with a professional horticulturalist, when the best time to prune the Holly Tree and advise in due course.

Yours sincerely”

In the minutes in November 2009, it stated the Holly Tree now has berries on it! Defer to next year….

The weather was good enough today to prune (butcher) the Holly Tree, and here are the results recorded before and after for the Parish Council, I’ve not finished yet, because my composting bin was full……

I await with baited breath, if I get any communication from the Parish Council!

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