Merry Chrimbo Limbo

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, so Merry Chrimbo Limbo, that time in between Christmas and the New Year!

I’ve been helping out my friends again, whilst they catch a small break, feeding the pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep and rabbit. So I’m just thawing out….in between trying to work out why:-

  1. my 5,000,000 candle power halogen torch has stopped working;
  2. the 32A socket ring main tripped again – the last plugged to be pulled out, was the Chrimbo tree lights…!!!! and the fault cleared!
  3. and the car has decided to think it’s at the North Pole, reading greater than -15 degrees C all the time!

oh, and this is the best way to poach an egg, after many attempts, and with two free range eggs this morning I fancied poached eggs on toast for brunch. So I googled the net, and found this website.

The clingfilm method works!

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