Geocaching expedition today

With my trusty GPS in hand, we went on our first Geocaching expedition today, not far a round trip from door to door of around 5 miles, and stopped at the pub the Fleece Inn in Bishop Wilton on route for an orange juice and a packet of cheesy moments!

What is Geocaching? Well basically, you goto, register for free membership, find a Geocache location, enter the co-ordinates into your GPS, to help you find the geocache location. When you find the location, remove an item from the cache, and put something in its place and sign the log book. (make walking a little more interesting!)

This is the item we decided to take from the cache today. It’s a trackeable item, so it can be tracked on the Internet, so far it’s travelled 617 miles from France! We will deposit it at our next cache. (Lindsey decided!)

geocache item

geocache item

Everything didn’t quite go as planned, Lindsey got stung by a wasp, as we passed an angry wasps nest on the footpath, in an old post hole, shortly after we meet another walker that warned of us another wasps nest in a post hole, 200 yards further North, and the treeline obscured the GPS signal near the cache location, and we walked past it, by 250 yards, so I had to walk out in the field, for the GPS to acquire a new fix, I found it eventually.

and they weren’t severing food in the pub!

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