Drunk in charge of a torch or In-appropriate use of a torch!

You decide?

We were invited out this evening to a local parish Councillors house in the village for an evening meal, we live in a Rural location, and although there are a few street lights on our road, there were none on the road to the house we were visting.

We decided to take a torch, so we could see the road, and we would be visible to traffic. (drunk drivers!)

On returning this evening at approx 11pm, I noticed a Police van turning out of our lane, as we were walking back in the pitch black, the van drove off, and then reverse back, open his window, and told me my torch was dazzling him, and to point it down at the road!

Maybe the Humberside Police should try and catch some real criminals.

Several years ago, on travelling down to Cornwall, to view the Total Eclipse, I was stopped by the Devon and Cornwall Constabularly, and find 25 GBP UK pounds for In-appropriate use of lights, my front fog lights were on, on a new Ford Focus I collected, and didn’t notice they were on! I thought I was going to be fined or arrested for use of an illegal torch!


That’s all I say!

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