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Windows 10 – What does Andysworld! think!?

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

A bit late to the party, played and tested many of the earlier Beta, Previews, and RTMs, but this is the first time, I’ve got to install the Enterprise version, yes virtually, because that’s all I do these days, Virtual, Cloud etc So here are some pretty pictures, and the first thing you’ll notice, is this is highly optimized, and uses much less resources on previous Microsoft OS, it’s actually quite nippy compared to other OS hogs, this test was conducted with a single vCPU and 2GB RAM – WOW, only 2GB of RAM, when most laptops, these days, have 8 and 16GB….



So, what does Andy, really think…… well personally I still like Windows 2000 Professional, Vista was okay, and this is the Desktop of Choice for my Office, but I resist to move to Windows 8, and I have Windows 7 on my Admin Workstations, Windows XP, 2000 on most of the laptops, Sony DUO has Windows 8.1…, and my gaming rig has Windows 8.1 Pro.

will I be upgrading, not at present…

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