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Time to fertilise the Blueberry Bushes

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

It’s that time of year to feed my Blueberry Bushes, they will also need feeding again in early July, (do not feed well rotted manure). I’ve never fed them before, blueberry bushes must be given a ericaceous, fertiliser (rhododendron / azalea fertiliser). It’s taken me a few years to research what to feed them with. They are plenty of commerical dry and liquid feeds available for acid loving plants e.g. Miracle Gro Ericaceous Plant or pelleted chicken manure but both of these contain the incorrect balance of Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K) for use with Blueberry Bushes. So I’m going to use Vitax Conifer & Shrub fertiliser at 1/2 recommended dose.  This recommendation came from David Trehane, The Dorset Blueberry Company   which is where my bushes came from five years ago.  It’s not that easy to find Vitax Conifer & Shrub fertiliser in the garden centres, most seem to favour other brands of  ericaceous plant fertiliser, although I have seen garden centres selling other products by Vitax , so you may be able to raise a special order for some.

So this is what the pack looks like should you need to find it.

 Vitax Conifer & Shrub fertiliser

Vitax Conifer & Shrub fertiliser


For my size plants, that are in 18″ pots, I’m using about two teaspoons around the plant base. Vitax Conifer & Shrub fertiliser is organic but not certificated! It comes in pelleted form, so I’m going to measure out the 12 teaspoons,  because I have 6 plants, and then using a pestal and mortor, crush the pellets into a powder and sprinkle around the plant base.

 I had a teacher at schools who’s nickname was FERTILISER, I never found out why! But’ that’s another story…

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