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Monday, April 13th, 2009

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Protected: Images for JLB!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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its all gone pete tong!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

time to post to the wordpress forums the blog has stopped working, or very slow!

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Andy’s HandyPro 3500L

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Due to a local power outage in July when I was moving the Fish House, I lost a pair of Angel fish and a Magnum Pleco. Unfortunately, the power outage lasted in excess of 12 hours. Power outages in this area always occur, usually in the Summer months of July and August after the thunder and lightening storms. We very rarely have power outages in the Winter months. I decided in July to purchase a 1kVA (1000 watt) petrol generator from B&Q for 99 GBP UK pounds. Very little money to protect the fish house, if there should be a power outage. It’s only 1kVA (1000 watts), which is about 700 watts of power, using a 8 litre tank of petrol, it will not run the entire fish house, but will keep filters and air pumps running, and a few heaters until power is restored.

Lately, I’ve had a few problems with this unit, leaking petrol tank, after speaking with Performance Power Customer Support, I was not happy with the quality of this unit, and I’ve since noticed that B&Q have reduced these units to 79 GBP UK pounds, so I decided to return to B&Q for a refund.

Performance Power 1kVA
B&Q 1kVA Performance Power Petrol Generator

This was the replacement I’ve purchased, a Briggs & Stratton HandyPro 3500L, this unit is based on the Classic Pro 3500, 16 litre petrol tank, a run-time of 11 hours @ half load. 2.7kVA (2700 watts), 10Amps. It weighs approx 66kg when filled with petrol!

HandyPro 3500L
Briggs & Stratton HandyPro 3500L

I’ve been testing it today, by boiling water in a kettle connected to it, it’s also quieter than the cheaper B&Q model.

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006

I would just like to thank the following individuals, who have contributed in the last five months

  • Lindsey’s and my parents for support and encouragement.
  • My Brother Christopher at Groundscaper for help in moving the fish house.
  • Barbara at Langleys for help with Convenyancy and the house purchase.
  • JulieW for the signatures!
  • Paul at JLB Electronics, for help with electrics and building works and survey.
  • Tim at Bargain Cottages, for help with moving the monster tank in the fish house, “don’t I owe you a curry!”
  • Eileen and Janet at Chris Clubley Estate Agents
  • Mick at Hambleton Preservations Services for arranging and managing the required dampwork.
  • IanD, for help with “the survey”
  • KateM’s assistance with the house purchase and boxes!
  • SueG for recommending the plasterer.
  • Lez the plasterer for a fantastic job.
  • Scott at The York Flooring Centre.
  • NickD at A&M Removals.
  • Ian, David, Mike, Simon of “The Last Line of Defence” at City of York Council in providing cover for me, when I’ve not been in the office – Thanks Guys – oh and putting up with a moody sod!
  • and a special thank you to Lindsey!

I’m sure they are others that I’ve not listed above and forgotten, Thank You. (let me know and I’ll include you!)

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System 2000 closure

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

I’ve also learnt that another British aquatics company has closed down. There is however a connection with an aquatic retail outlet, that was the sole distributor for System 2000 products.

UK Marines Ltd

  • Company No.03809034
  • Status: Dissolved 14/05/2002
  • Date of Incorporation: 19/07/1999
  • Compaies House Dissolved UK Marines Ltd for non-compliance, the non-compliance was not filing regular accounts.

System 2000 UK Ltd

  • Company No.03792336
  • Status: Dissolved 12/07/2005
  • Date of Incorporation: 21/06/1999
  • System 2000 UK Ltd applied to be struck off.

System 2000 Ltd

  • Company No.04550968
  • Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off
  • Date of Incorporation: 02/10/2002
  • System 2000 Ltd applied to be struck off.

The Registered Office addresses for all the above limited companies are

WF17 8LL

or variations of the above

WF17 8LL

System 2000 Ltd have voluntary applied recently to be struck off, but this has been suspended, because of a Third Party Objection.

The above information was obtained from Companies House Cardiff and is in the public domain.

This triangle of companies all seems a little bit suspicious in my opinion, but it’s a shame that these professional products have bit the dust, leaving many customers with no support or service.

I feel let down, as a System 2000 user, that regularly visited Batley, to purchase spare parts, there was never any mention of a closure. I’m sure they had their reasons.

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