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Rainwater Harvesting

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

There’s only one drainpipe that drains the water off the roof ofg the house at the front when it rains, and because we don’t have any drains, it just soaks away. I’ve had a few issues with the flatpack water butts from Rainmate, they leaked, but after some recplacement internal liners they sent me, and I’ve eventually replaced and installed them, I’ve now completed my rainwater harvesting project, I use alot of mains water in the fish house already, so it’s good to use rainwater in the garden.

Three Rainmate Water Butts

Three Rainmate Water Butts

It was raining alot when I took these pictures, so you can see the flow of water running into the water butt. I have three water butts linked together, so when the first one fills, it overflows into the next and so on. Each water butt holds 200 litres of water, and with the recent rain we’ve been having in Yorkshire only takes minutes to fill all three water butts. There’s also an overflow, so when all three are filled, the water flows back to drain, (soak away) eventually I’ll connect this to some soakaway housepipe and embed it in the border under the hedgerow.

Three Rainmate Water Butts

Three Rainmate Water Butts connected with Eheim aquarium tubing!

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