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New Gearbox .. Ouch!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Oh and just when I thought I was flush with money this month, the gearbox in the Yellow Peril broke, it’s not been happy selecting 2nd Gear for over 12 months, and then it stopped going into 2nd Gear!

New gearbox required!

New Gearbox!
If you look carefully, the new silver thing is the new shiny gearbox! Hope this one does 157,000 miles!

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A Bit of Car Loving!

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Most of you probably know we drive a Peugeot Talbot 205 Rallye Sport Special.

Yes : We still have it!

We’ve had the Yellow Peril for many years, and despite 157,900 miles on the clock, it’s still going, unlike many other 205s which have since gone to the Great Scrapyard in the Sky.

This isn’t anything to do with the house, but what the heck, it’s my blog, and the site is about Andysworld.

The Solex carburetor has been playing up for many years due to possibly a worn throttle linkage or ice in the carburetor on cold mornings, in the winter it can sometimes be a pregnant dog, and in the summer also or it just needs a knew carb, or someone that understands them that can strip it down and clean it!

Today, I thought it was time to give the car some luvvving…So I’ve cleaned the leather seats ready for some leather nourishment cream, fixed a hole in the boot with Isopan P40/aluminium mesh and cleaned the carburetor with Redex.

Here is the video of The Redex Experiment hosted on You Tube.

After test driving the car, it certainly has more poke than before, and the throttle seems more responsive! We will see what those damp/cold mornings are like next week.

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